Branding Sexy Sites

Retail banks 'clap back' with designful websites

The appeal of beauty and its compelling effect is a fact that remains uncontested. We are hard wired to not only notice what is different but also what is beautiful. With the ever-increasing relevance of design from simple everyday contexts to more advanced platforms, being developed across industries, creating branded experiences has never been more pertinent.

Nigerian banks are not left behind, thanks to the recent wave of branding and rebranding exercises. Some banks are experimenting with designful attempts to stand out from the pack by ‘fashionising’ their websites. As a key brand touchpoint, these ultra-cool sites are a complete break from the norm, and a departure from the conservative ambience of most banking websites.

Beyond the infusion of online banking and other self-service applications, there is the lavish use of colours, imagery and typology, not much different from what you’ll get on a fashion magazine website. These websites have become the runway for banks to showcase their brand’s youth appeal and coolness factor.