Black Entrepreneur Launches Joyful Heads


Launched in 2016 at the popular networking conference Circle of Sisters in New York, Joyful Heads also offers ankle, ear, and neck jewelry with names like “Freedom” headband and necklaces “Ankh Love,” and “African Funk.” Dawkins hopes to start a new hair fashion trend, and she told MadameNoire just how she plans to do so. Tired of wearing black scrunchies and nondescript hair accessories, the full-time NYC MTA conductor decided to make her own unique hair gear–and sell them. Her Joyful Heads company offers a unisex, multi-purpose line of Afrocentric hair jewelry sold online and priced reasonably from $7 to $13.

MN: What’s next for Joyful Heads?

CD: This line I made is very affordable, but I would like to do a more upscale line of products as well so I can have a good mix of items. Eventually, I would love to get my products into JC Penney and Macy’s, but that will take some time. For now, look for more products in 2017.

Since the decline of relaxer sales by 15 percent in 2011, natural/nappy hair has increasingly become an art, an expression and a symbol of unity amongst black men and women; and so the availability of natural hair products and accesories have been on the rise. 

I loved my hair, wore it straight, relaxed, medium length and then a dreadful disastrous experience at the hair salon damaged my hair. I shaved my head, wore wigs for the first year until it grew into a teeny tiny afro and could not find a durable and well crafted hair accessory in stores, so I created one. My line of hair jewelry can be used as a headband, necklace, anklet and bun and lock wrap,” says Dawkins.

We have all had that sinking feeling when we searched an aisle in a store looking for that particular item to no avail. I wanted a cute and stylish headband that would look great in my natural hair. Not finding exactly what I was looking for and refusing to spend money on a item I really didn’t want. Joyfulheads hair jewelry was born in Queens New York. I visualized exactly what I wanted, what I thought would work well for myself and other women with big natural hair. I needed fashion forward, functionality, versatility and affordability. I love and enjoy each collection I hope you will also.

The versatility of natural hair requires products and accessories to enjoy, and as much as natural has become quite popular, a lot of salons, hair shops, and hair product aisles in the supermarkets are still void of such materials, so is this a welcome approach to curbing the need? Yes, Well done Caren Dawkins, Well done!