Battle of The Snaps


Just when you thought Snapchat had gone through the worst business phase, there comes another 'glorified' Snapchat app called Gobi. Norwegian startup Gobi has raised $500,000 at a $15 Million valuation to take on Snapchat with its once peculiar 'stories' communication tool. This new mobile application offers users a platform where they can create public and private groups to share photos and videos that stay in digital space before disappearing. The stand-out feature of this app is interactivity. You can ask for opinions, like this example, "Oh hey guys, what do you think about my new platform shoes?" or "Are my sunglasses any good? I got them at a thrift store"

We learned that our users often ask for each other’s opinions in the app. Gobi now solves this by letting them do it with one simple step. The interactive stickers can be added on top of the snaps, and then the viewers will be able to tap and interact with them.

The group interactions include to mention a few; links, embedded videos and audio tracks. A “group” can be two people or a thousand members, and are categorized according to interests (indicated when signing up), locations, clubs, groups of friends or events. Since its launch in August 2015, the user base has grown to about 70,000 users; with key angel investors including Olympic gold medalist Petter Northug and billionaire farming heir Gustav Witzøe.

“The investment is a game changer for us,” says Lande. “The product is now ready, and the investment will help us executing on our the launch strategy later this year.”

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Instagram: @gobiapp

LinkedIn: Gobitech

With the advent of this app, comes a new assertion that there can never be too many apps. If you thought you just had to worry about sharing time between Instagram and Snapchat maybe add Gobi to the list. I don't think it is too early to state that this app would bite further into Snapchat's already little stake in the social media world. Why? Because Millennials would definitely buy into anything helps put their lives out there and you know it comes with a little more interaction. In the end, it is really what social media is about.

Kristoffer Lande, Gobi's CEO; originally created a Snapchat group for his college, which garnered 4,000 users, but it was not welcomed idea by Snapchat and they shut it down after about 24 hours. It was in this light that he decided to build an app that combined both snapchat's functionality with (group) messaging. 

According to AppPicker, here is what you should know about the app:


// Has a great blog for providing any news about the app
// Includes a great tutorial
// You can share snaps with as many individuals as you like
// The app allows you to join existing groups or create your own
// You can control how long your snaps last
// Also lets you add text or draw on your photos
// If you want to stay private you can share photos in ghost mode


// There is no opening walk-through that explains the app

The only problem as indicated by AppPicker is user interface; a poor user interface causes an upward spiral in your bounce rate, which means your platform is either boring or hard to use; so with regular and interesting software and application updates based on consumer insights alongside a more friendly user interface; Gobi is set to stomp on snapchat!