Back To Our Roots: The Orijinal

Gin and Herbs; shaken not stirred


Nigerians are still recovering from the blinding light of the instant success of Orijin Bitters, produced by Guinness Nigeria, a subsidiary of Diageo. It was a no-brainer, really. Latch onto the ever-increasing consumption of spirits and introduce refreshing herbs and spice, and you’ve got a winning product, especially with tribes of people whom, for decades, have always taken to naturally-induced drinks and medicines. So when Ace Roots also launched this year, it became clear that we have not seen the last of the new bitters economy.

The idea behind this? Simple. Alcoholic beverage brands have re-discovered an age-old formula: when you connect a man’s aspirations with his cultural inclinations and bottle it up into a product or service, you are on your way to having a pride of place in the consumer's heart.

We expect to see some more brands experimenting with this formula in coming months; weaving product innovation and cultural nuances with African storytelling.

Orijin is an alcoholic blend with the flavours of African herbs & fruits, combined to give a refreshing bitter-sweet taste. Enjoy Orijin chilled, straight from the bottle, with friends. 6% ABV, 300ml.