Art in the Palm of Your Hands


We all love art. We all to some extent appreciate art, but for some,  if not most of us, we don't have access to art at our fingertips which is very understandable due to the fact that art is priceless, sometimes physically large and most times one of a kind. To change this, visual artist Renike is making the access to art more affordable and more accessible, How?  Well I'll tell you exactly that. 

Portrait of Renike taken by Joseph Iso 

Portrait of Renike taken by Joseph Iso 

Renike fuses her African themed unique drawings with the digital age and people's love for visual  aesthetics by imprinting her original art work on phone cases and other canvases for people to buy. Interesting right?  As an artist, it is sometimes hard to appeal and reach the consumers, more often than not, people admire but can't see the art as a part of them but, Renike has found a way to make people not only admire and appreciate it but also be able to have art in their palms. 

Imagine seeing a beautiful work of art every time you pick up your phone. Art makes people come alive, it inspires and it allows people to dream. Oh how colourful this world would be if people could see art everywhere they go! 

But why on smart phone cases and mouse pads?

In this digital generation we've come to be inseparable with our gadgets - phones especially - they never leave our side and though we have art galleries and art on our walls, the innovation of art on our phone accessories makes it much easier for us to also connect with the art work and artist. 

We're all aware of how expensive art is and some of us, if not most, would like to have art accessible and affordable to us in the most creative ways.  We love having our pictures or graphic designs on our phone cases but how amazing it will to have original art by an African artist as an accessory for your favourite devices. Very amazing! 

So what does this mean for all of us? It means that not only do people love art they love to have it accessible to them and as creators of visual aesthetics, it's important for us to appeal to the needs of the consumers while also creating avenues for our art to be out there, for the world to see. 

It's not easy fusing the African culture with the digital age, but we sure love to when we see people doing it effortlessly, creatively and stylishly.