Are Food Fairs the future of food commercialization?


The first most important thing to every Nigerian, is unarguably food! Then if it is fused with socialization, all the better; it is on the basis of this that we have drawn a thesis that, food fairs are the future of Food Commercialization. I would like to quickly highlight the advantages of fairs and generally place it under the umbrella of "the circular flow/ collaboration effect". Food fairs are a somewhat direct and indirect form of advertising and marketing for the brand; with immediate positiveness as-

//acquiring new customers;

//simultaneously employing a system to create new customer database; 

//First hand customer insight via tete-a-tete 

// Introduction and re-introduction of products and services

// Gaining Media Attention

While the benefits for visitors according to the Exhibition & Event Association of Australia are as follows:

// Complete, synthetic and neutral information,
// Excellent comparability of offers,
// The possibility of objective assessment,
// 54% of visitors visited the fair to see the new products or services,
// 48 % of visitors looking for information,
// 40 % would like to be updated with the new technologies,
// 15 % attend fairs to establish business contacts.

While we think we have subconsciously handed over the keys of our lives to social media and the internet, According to 91% of 250 surveyed CEOs of U.S. corporations , the Internet does not replace the fair:

//Personal contact is irreplaceable (55 %),

//the product should be seen and discussed (35%),

//answers to the questions raised at the fair are more complete (10 %).

// Internet can be used as a source of fair information:

//presentation of the company in the online catalog of exhibitors

// year-round promotion of market news on the websites of th the MTP

(Source: International Association for Exhibition Management)

This, of course, is not without downsides which include but are not limited to healthy/unhealthy competition at the fairs and even beyond; time, money and cost for hosting and transporting yourself to these fairs. I am certain and you can agree with me that the positive outweighs the negatives for both the producer/ brand and the customer/consumer.