Ah Woke!


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

This is exciting I’ve got to say, brands are becoming more and more aware of socio-political and many other kinds of movements all around the world. This trend is catching on rapidly and some brands have taken advantage of it and some others couldn’t really be bothered. Well, a personal research conducted shows that people connect easily with brands that tend to be very sensitive about the activities going on within the world that affects them personally.

For instance this Pepsi advert which featured Kendall Gerner came under fire as it was thought to be largely insensitive. It chose to ride on the uproar built from the #BlackLivesMatter movement and it surely didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

However, with the #MeToo movement currently underway, this new Nestle Maggi commercial has received a lot of praises as it positions the African lady in the kind of light that the women especially feminists wants to see; the strong, efficient, courageous and extremely intelligent personality. You gotta love the African woman.

This Ah Woke trend is just beginning to see the light of day and trust me, this trend is certainly going to continue and it will put a lot of pressure on copy writers to ensure that their scripts are controversy free; otherwise, brands would have to spend a whole lot of money on crisis management.

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