A couple days back, social media went wild over Turkish chef, and restaurant owner, Nusret Gökçe, as he takes cooking to a new fun level with his meat, salt and killer knife skills. And as we expected, it took no time for viral memes to be made out of his videos.

He has gained fans and followers with the speed of light and has an artwork of him to show for it. While his videos make you wonder why what he does is even a thing, it also keeps you hooked on it and wanting more. Born out of this viral meme with the hashtag #saltbae is African's very own self-proclaimed “future movie star” from Kenya, Seth Gor, not only does he show us to properly work an avocado, he also makes it known that he’s Africa’s own #SaltBae.

African's are very proud of their own as it took no time for @seth_gor to trend on twitter and instagram, with people even urging their network of folllowers to retweet and help make trend; see the power of memes?

We previously talked about meme as a marketing tool. Imagine this restaurant owner as a start-up, by virtue of this meme alone, first, his network has increased on Instagram, also people will want to know what he does for a living. Hence,  they find out that he has a restaurant. His consumer base as well as patronage should rise by at least 50%, so,  memes are not just for fun and recreation anymore, jump in on this marketing tool.