A Click away from Hunger


It is common knowledge that food is a basic necessity for life alongside shelter. In Atlanta, more than 755,000 people including 300,000 children and seniors, do not have consistent access to food. Every year in the U.S., 33 million tons of good food is wasted, and it costs the country about $1.3 billion to dispose it. Families living in these circumstances have to eventually choose between paying for food and paying for utilities. 

The Goodr food app, which from all ramifications is set to be the next big tool in fighting world hunger,  is a real-time food-rescue app using shared economy that allows its users to redirect surplus food to soup kitchens, shelters, nonprofits and churches. Users include but are not limited to hotels, restaurants, schools and event planners. Birthed in Atlanta through the social-impact accelerator powered by Goodie Nation.

Coming a long way from 2013, Crowe has been fighting the cause for hunger and homelessness. Through an initiative called Sunday Soul she created with her company, Black Celebrity Giving, she’s cooked and served over 30,000 meals to those experiencing hunger. Crowe has partnered with several celebrities — hip-hop star Future, business mogul and TV star Kandi Burruss and R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn, among others — and engaged over 1500 volunteers in five U.S. cities, as well as hosted endeavors in Haiti and the UK.

Too often, people are making a tough decision between paying for food and paying their rent and other bills, this is unacceptable. No one should have to decide if food is a necessity in their household!

With a mission to reduce hunger by 15 percent and set out to feed 25 million people suffering from hunger in the US; the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign “A Dollar and a Dream to End Hunger” to raise $15,000. Funding raised from the campaign will be used to open a food hub where rescued food can be delivered 24/7 and to finish the build out of the app. While the app is starting in Atlanta, there are plans to launch in other major cities are already underway, with the next launches planned for North Carolina, where Crowe attended college at North Carolina Central University. 

Bringing this home to Nigeria, Orphanages despite their frequent visits with food and support from organizations and persons, need all the support they can get. Arrangement can be made between event planners and these orphanages so that if food and drinks are left over from ceremonies, they can be sent over to the centers of course within the surrounding locations. What this means is that a database of orphanages and child support organizations  would have to be sent to event centers and concurrently sent to event planners.