2017 Consumer trend Report


2017 Consumer trend Report


2017 Consumer Trend Reports

2016 was a rollercoaster, here in Nigeria, through the continent of Africa and beyond. A lot changed around the globe and even here in
Nigeria, from economic instability, inflation and spiral fall of the
Naira to the Dollar; rise of mompreneurs, transformation of social
platforms to transmedia vehicles; growth of feminist movements,
participation of government in art and technology; the launch of
fashion food fairs, Afropolitan street carnivals and the fusion of art,
music and fashion exhibitions.

Here are some moments that defined 2016, the Nigerian
Consumer, and indeed, set the pace and patterns for trend codes
in 2017.

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This report was originally produced by TINK Africa and is published in some marketing journals. 

Free download is available here: 2017 Consumer Trend Report