Our in-house training toolkit for creative businesses is called Innovation Bizkit. We package and facilitate
specially-designed workshops and ideation sessions for marketers, agencies and brand-focused professionals.

The courses are customized for organizations, highly interactive and meant to inspire participants in:

• Generating future-thinking ideas
• Rethinking how they approach issues, and 
• Developing smart, innovative and sustainable solutions for their organizations, clients and brands


Throughout the year, we run innovation workshops for SMEs, entrepreneurs, business professionals and marketing executives. These workshops are 100% interactive and tailored to suit specific business needs.

Design Thinking: How to create future-thinking business models for African consumers in the age of mobile consumption

Future of CSR and the “big-brothernomics”
• Rise of the socially responsible company

• Designing the new corporate social enterprise organization and shaping the future through innovative value creation

Consumers as co-creators: Changing the way brands tell stories
• How to design, implement and engage consumers with sustainable and innovative brand experiences and transmedia storytelling



We host monthly inspiration sessions with likeminds at designated locations in Lagos, and across selected African cities. These sessions are intensive and usually include tours, field trips held during the week and on weekends. They are highly interactive and deal with practical issues faced by people, brands and businesses on a daily businesses. Clients get to experience first-hand how their target customers react, respond and engage with their products, brands and services. 

Key takeouts from these saloons are broken down, detail by detail, and thoroughly examined using our innovation tools and discussed with Clients with a view to mapping out how they can be applied to future products, services and communications.


The African mobile economy
• Mobilenomics in the age of shopper marketing
• Understanding African consumers and engage through emerging mobile platforms
• Map the interplay between smartphones, mobile wallets, consumers and brands

Leveraging cool as a marketing tool to woo consumers: Navigating the cool brands compass and explore new ways to engage with the digital consumer


We conduct bespoke high level seminars educating marketers on the future of marketing based on their area of focus and new business pursuits. Each module takes averagely 5 - 6 hours.

Rise of sensory branding and the new marketer
• How to engage, enlighten and entertain Nigerian Prosumers in innovative ways
• Understand the drivers of the beauty and consumer care market in Africs

Sounds of the future: Naija and the new pop music
• Understand Nigeria’s cultural lifestyle codes
• Rise of  TechnoYouth and the power of video storytelling
• Beyond Borders: Music as a platform


We take on highly sensitive roles by acting as extensions of clients’ marketing departments and in-house consultants for agencies. The TINK team liaises closely with delegates to advance their models for exploring key strategic and creative approaches in marketing communications.

The modules for the strategic planning session is designed so that delegates come away inspired across many topics, including an understanding of how a strategic platform can boost the commercial side of business.


  • Scenario planning and transmedia storytelling

  • Digital planning and brand engagement in an experiential World (Engagement Planning)

  • Brand positioning in the age of real-time conversation

  • Trends research, cultural mapping, behavioural economics

  • Building the strategic planning department*

*For heads of function & senior management


Twice a year, we carry out tours of forward-looking agencies to showcase insightful presentations and case studies from award-winning global and local marketing communication companies on the tricks, pros and cons of “how to pitch and
win” new businesses, new agency models, and how to win accounts that are not even up for pitch.

The new business trend report
• Insights and Trends on How to Win African Consumers and Play in the Nigerian Market

Business design
• Pitch to Win: 10 New Secrets of the Top 10 Global Agencies
• Business Model Innovation: How to Pitch & Win New Clients; Designing a radically innovative Business Model for your Agency

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