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"I AM #OTHER" . karen hanson - blogger, poet, content strategist - is a b.school convert

"I AM #OTHER". karen hanson - blogger, poet, content strategist - is a b.school convert

The bschool is an unconventional learning system set up to assist every Creative and Marketing Professional be and become whatever they want to be. The bschool bridges two extremes; innovation and business. Simply put, this institution is “the new school” for everyone, from entrepreneurs to startup executives to young professionals to Admen, bloggers, fashionpreneurs, engineers, architects and designers.  

Unlearn. Learn. Be————————————————————




We are not an Advertising School that teaches copywriting and art direction. Our focus is in arming unique individuals, teams and organizations with the requisite tools to continually innovate nonstop. The b.School aka TINK Business School has created an exhaustive and super-charged Innovation BizKit that covers dozens of course modules, lectures, live case studies, practical work and assignments on real problems that companies are facing.

   Innovation BizKit


If you are looking for a career in advertising, brand management, marketing communications, or media & entertainment, then we will point you to the right program and coursework that will help advance your objective. For 12 weeks and some change, you will have access to the best minds, creative talents and media mavens that have helped build great brands across industries in Africa. 

Brand Courses include:

Ministry of Strategy / Future Of Advertising (foA) / Consumer Insights Academy (CIA) / Media & Digital


Our bootcamps are as immersive as they are insightful, challenging but extremely inspiring. Over a 4 week period, students are put on the most difficult practical learning-curve routine and fast-track schedule that transforms them into smart entrepreneurs, brilliant strategy planners, intelligent brand managers, and pop culture icons. Whether your interest is in Content Strategy Development, Blogging, Communications Planning, Fashion Branding or Online Retail, we will provide with you the best environment for building your inner self-worth, and becoming a thoroughbred professional.  

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