Brands; the New Village Head


Source: ABC

Source: ABC

As said by the Hand of the Queen (Daenerys Targaryan) who eventually became the Hand of the King (Bran the Broken), Tyrion Lannister said in the grand finale of the decade long series Game of Thrones, “What unites a people? Arms, Gold, Flags? Stories, there's nothing more powerful in this world than a good Story. Nothing can stop it, no enemy can defeat it”.

In many African homes or villages, the village head or the oldest person in the area is supposedly the best story teller as he or she tells the most mind joggling stories in every genre that brings everyone together. Till this day, the best stories I have ever heard, came from the tongue of a village chief and I know that isn’t peculiar to just me as I have met many others who share the same story.

As I said before, brands in Nigeria have begun to harness the power of great storytelling to deliver returns on investment (ROI) and achieve top of mind awareness (TOMA). Two brands that immediately come to mind are Maltina and Airtel, they are currently milking this playing field and achieving set objectives.

See below the stories they are currently telling around their brands.

The Richer The Messenger The Better The Experience


Source: Adweek

Source: Adweek

If you are familiar with business terms or consumer insight reports or you just use the internet from time to time, you may have come across the words “Customer Experience (CX)” at some point. Well, it is actually a big deal in the business landscape at the moment, as every business owner is working hard to ensure a consumer-centric standpoint in their organization. This is all in a view to enhance the customer experience. One thing to point out really is that CX is being powered largely by technology as newer techs are being introduced into the market to give consumers an experience of a lifetime.

Rich communications services also known as RCS is a technology that has been around for nearly 2 years; a great new introduction in mobile technology. If you don’t know what RCS is, it’s ok, most of the world is still catching on as many GSM and network service providers, especially in Africa, do not yet support the technology. The RCS technology basically helps you do everything your SMS, MMS, and third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp can do – talk about cannibalization. Guess the whole world, including the tech space, is some sort of jungle, everyone is constantly introducing some amazing innovation that tends to knock the other out of the market.

Who would benefit from this the most?

Even though end users are going to really enjoy this innovative solution, I think it is going to be the more beneficial to brands as it takes branding, customer experience, and data acquisition to a whole new level.

If you want to know more about this, watch the video below.

Impostor Filter


Since the inception of social media, a whole lot of innovation and revenue generating opportunities have sprung up, but right now I am concerned. Most of these social media brands like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on have achieved brand equity, however, one of them have turned to bolder strategies to win over new users.

Snapchat is grabbing the bull by the tail and I’m not sure if that’s a great move but I am certain it’s an outrageously bold one. They initially came with all the amazing filters that totally transforms you to the image you’d like or to something funny, then they introduced the voice changing filter – this rose an eyebrow. Now Snapchat has come with a new filter I call The Impostor Filter, it completely transforms a man to a lady and I am like what the ****.

Take a look at these videos and tell us what you TINK in the comment section below.

I’m shook.

Everyone Needs a Workstation


Source: Dissolve

Source: Dissolve

Every superhero needs a lair, an army needs a base, a workforce needs a workstation but the trend we are beginning to notice is that these workstations are now being shared. Take a moment to imagine Batman and Iron man sharing the same lair, or the Zimbabwean army sharing a base with the Tunisian army, it might be chaotic at the beginning but for the mere fact that they are working towards a common goal, they’ll eventually find a way co-exist. Remember we’ve seen superheroes share the same lair in Justice League and The Avengers.

This workstation sharing trend is largely being observed in Nigeria as there are a number of businesses who have opened up their spaces to be used by other organizations; mostly startups. The workstation or shared workspace idea is highly appreciated by the fast-growing middle class in the country because it is a more cost-effective way of doing business as you do not have to spend so much money acquiring a space, just share it. You’ll also have ad-hoc staff as well as basic needs like the internet, office equipment at your disposal, all you need do is pay the cost the service provider has requested.

My colleague went to visit a friend of hers who just begun his startup, his organization has only one staff – him, but when she got there, there were quite a number of people. She inquired and found that the space was being shared.

Source: Xliveafrica

Source: Xliveafrica

Initially, When this trend was about to hit the ground some time ago a couple of people kicked back, saying it wasn’t going to work solely because the environment cannot be controlled. What they meant was, there’ll be more than one C.E.O; nobody would be the boss of anybody except for those who work directly with them – no holds barred. In order to curb such problems from arising, shared workspace or workstation providers made rules and policies that one must agree to before renting a space. Those policies have helped to foster peace as well as grow the business.

Just so you know, I’m writing this article from a shared workspace also known as a workstation.

The Silicon Valley on Your Body


Source: Radiant Health Mag

Source: Radiant Health Mag

Africans tend to call it fake, they say filling your body with silicon is unhealthy, and so on, but everyone wants to be perceived in a certain way. Everyone wants to look a certain way, people want to have a certain shape of nose, a particular size of ear, the right curves here and there, and more. The thing is, we used to think of this as a purely western scenario but that which used to live overseas is now gaining acceptance within the African shores.

Went to visit a friend some time ago in Mozambique and while we spoke she told me how that she wanted to get a thinner waist line. Her reason was that her waist was too large and didn’t accentuate the beauty of her lower body and that if she got a plastic surgery done around that area she would look better. Of course I didn’t approve because I thought she had one of the most amazing bodies I had ever seen but it wasn’t my choice to make, was it? Long story short, she did the surgery and I must say, she was right. Now every time she walks by she get to turn heads because people can’t help but notice how amazing she looks.

Source: Thoughtful Health Blog

Source: Thoughtful Health Blog

Now my friend is feels more confident and beautiful. This is just one in over 1 billion people living in Africa that may or may not be attracted to the thought of plastic surgery. However the case, the trend is on the rise for a number reasons:

1. Urbanization: as Africa continually develops and ushers in western culture and practices, we tend to inherit some behavioural patterns – plastic surgery inclusive. Talk about being the boss lady.

2. Disposable income: as the middle socio economic class continues to grow and consumer purchasing power continues to increase, disposable income becomes the more disposable – you tend to give into certain cravings. Like they say “looking good is good business”.

3. People’s perception and social media: the want to measure up to people’s perception of what beauty is, plus the direction social media points you in, you’ll tend to tilt towards putting yourself under the knife only so you can look and feel the way everybody else wants you to – everyone wants to be accepted.

So here’s my question to you reading this article, if you needed to see a plastic surgeon for cosmetic reasons, what is that one part of your body you would change?

Note: this piece is in exemption of those who must have suffered some form dis-figuration due to accidents, child birth, and other conditions.