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Source: Unsplash

Before I begin this article I want to say a Happy New Year to all our faithful readers. We do what we do because we know that it’s useful to you, thank you for keeping us going. 2018 was definitely an amazing year but as it comes to a close it heralds the coming of an even more exciting year. Stick around while we walk through the year holding each other’s hand.

In this article we have put together 10 trends you are sure to see in 2019.

1. Female inclusion

2019 is surely going to see a huge influx of women into more and more facets of the African economy. The feminists have only just begun; more movements promoting women rights and inclusion are sure to take the airwaves.

2. Upped antae

What we saw in the entertainment industry in 2018 was a tip off the iceberg compared to what we are poised to see in 2019. Music and movies are going to take it up a notch with picture quality, story lines and everything else that contributes to putting out great work.

3. Worsened or Improved Traffic

We know the curse of developing countries (which nearly every country in Africa is) is terrible traffic; gridlocks here and there. In 2019, the governments are going to either take a deliberate action in getting rid of this problem or allow it plunge into utter chaos.

4. Technological advancements

In 2018 we saw the rise of artificial technology and financial technology; I can’t even to reveal to you the magnitude of things brewing in this sector. Guess I’d just let you see for yourself as they unfold.

5. Healthier dinning

In 2018 we saw the rise of the health conscious consumer. With that established, in 2019 we are set to see every consumer become genuinely health conscious and this definitely will sky rocket the sale of vegetables. So if you are into the veggie market, 2019 is going to be an explosive year for you.

6. Seriously fitfam

Beyond individual decisions to keep fit, organizations and schools are going to take this a little more seriously to cater for the physical and mental well-being of staff and students respectively.

7. Exploding marketing creativity

Creativity certainly tipped the scale in 2018 and 2019 is going to be much more explosive. Marketing communications will be a little more aggressive and creatives will be more exciting. Wait for it, you’ll see it in the malls, on the road, tv, radio, and everywhere else you go.

Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

8. Battle for influencer marketing

2018 saw many millennials open a new stream of income known as influencer marketing. Using social media platforms, a couple of individuals have given brands and marketers the ability to immediately engage with consumers. 2019 is going to see a ton of battles to attain such status in Africa and also maintain the large influx of cash.

9. Sporty action

This one is certainly my favourite and I don’t have to tell you why. In 2019 we are going to have the African cup of Nations (AFCON) and the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Just so you know, South Africa qualified for the first time to this tournament; the Bayana Bayana are surely going to put up a fantastic show.

10. Increased middle class

No one wants to stay at a spot for too long; in 2019 we are going to see an increase in the middle class as many Africans are going to work tirelessly to improve their livelihood. This is good because we are sure to see new businesses spring up, which means more entrepreneurs, more employment, and income.

Well, there you have it, 2019 in focus.

If you TINK we missed out on any, kindly let us know in the comment section below and during the course of the year, if you spot a trend, kindly hit us up and we will publish it.

Have your best year yet!

Up a Notch with OOH


Source: Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

In reaching the desired target audience there’s really no one size fits all strategy, which is why I encourage brand managers and marketers to employ a more pragmatic approach. One strategy that made a certain brand successful may knock yours out of the market. There are many channels to reaching the desired target audience but one very effective channel, although not entirely measurable at the moment but it is very efficient and that is the out of home (OOH) advertising.

Zimnat and JCDecaux won Best Outdoor Campaign Category at the Exceptional Marketing Awards (EMA) for their efforts in promoting their latest campaign in Zimbabwe. Zimnat’s winning Out of Home Campaign was to execute a strategy that entailed a vehicle rammed into a building to create product awareness, talkability and innovation throughout Harare. – Bizcommunity

Source: Bizcommunity

Source: Bizcommunity

This sprung new life and excitement into creativity and marketing communications in Southern Africa and now JCDecaux has entered Nigeria in a view to replicating its successes in other countries.

OOH has contributed extensively in giving African nations a face-lift and they are taking it up a notch with exceptional creativity. This type of advertising is an integral part of the economy and if you intend to improve the visibility of your business or brand, you ought to take advantage of every opportunity OOH offers.

8 Trends that Rocked 2018

2018 Was Undoubtedly A Great Year And Here Are Few Trends We Spotted That Really Gave The Year Some Oomph

Source:  Pexels

Source: Pexels

I particularly loved my job as a trend watcher in 2018, I saw quite a number of things unfold and happily brought them to your notice. As a result of these trends, people had different experiences in the year, some were good, other were bad, and some others were in-between. So without further ado, here are 8 trends that rocked 2018.

1. Music

Africa got tired of the norm and embraced a different genre of music – alternative music. It’s beautiful to listen to as the lyrics deals with the inherent experiences within the continent and sung in our beautifully refreshing accent.

2. Movies

The beauty about Africans is our quest to always do something better and Hollywood sparked that fire with the release of the Black Panther movie. This put some springs in our steps and increased our pride in our nativity. And so the indigenous movie industry; Nollywood went ahead to make history with the release of the movies King of Boys (currently Africa’s highest ever grossing movie), and Lions Heart (A movie by Genevieve Nnaji that made it to Netflix).

3. Mergers

2018 saw a trend that wasn’t just evident in Africa but globally. We saw quite a number of organizations consolidate in order to make greater impact in their respective industries by delivering value to their consumers.

4. Influencer Marketing

Marketing wasn’t left out of the speedy changes happening across the African landscape. We spotted a few more people attain the influencer status riding on the Instagram platform. Influencers have made it a lot easier for brands to immediately connect with their intended consumers.

5. Feminism

Oh this one shook the world and held Africa by the collar, as a result, Africa is strongly looking into women inclusion in every facet of the economy.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

6. Sports

So the world cup happened this year and we saw France clench the title, better yet we saw the technology – Visual Assistant Referee (VAR) used during the tournament. This technology disrupted the world of sports and enhanced decision making on and off the pitch and has been embraced in league games across the world.

7. Tech

Technology has been extensively helpful in 2018 as we saw the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially on mobile devices and financial institutions e.g Siri for Apple, Brixbi & Google assistant for Android, Neo for UBA bank, Ada for Diamond bank etc.

8. Global Citizen

There was many talks about how we are no longer distant but now interconnected as we are all global citizens. So no matter which continent of the world you live in, we are all citizens of one country – the World.

There you have it, these trends rocked 2018 and if you TINK we missed any, hit us up in the comment box below and we will be sure to update.

Oh and yes, thank you for sticking around all year round, we are going to have a trendy 2019 together.



Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

2018 was definitely a great a year especially in the world of marketing; we saw quite a number of marketers reveal some new tricks in trying to reach their target audience, advertising across Africa attained new feats whilst executing ground breaking strategies and campaigns. Creativity obviously hit its peak and is currently searching for a new one. However, in all these great things that happened in the outgoing year, the female audience still need to be looked into.

Only a few brands across Africa deliberately set out to reach the female audience. Following the success of campaigns such as #metoo and #likeagirl we have seen more businesses reach out to the female audience. According to the ‘What Women Want’ research done by Kantar South Africa, brands skewed for women are 6% healthier than those skewed for men. Films and ads have done such a poor job in improving their self-esteem, and 86% of women are likely to stop viewing an ad that seemingly doesn’t represent them appropriately

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Ahead of 2019, it important that brands and marketers know that the women are watching and your sales are likely to improve if you they are deliberately looked into. Also, the women constitute a higher percentage of customers especially for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Now that many businesses have wound down for the year; the new planning process is set to kick in at the beginning of next year, ensure that your marketing activities accommodates the women more as we have not seen the last of feminist movements just yet.

Christmas Fever


Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

It’s holiday, it’s yuletide, it’s Christmas and there’s a number of trends to spot. This definitely is a fun article for all of us because we undoubtedly love this season, and here are the trends that make it so?


We saw gifts/presents exchange hands all across the continent. Africans love to give and be given, nothing really brings as much joy as the thought that a brother is thinking about you enough to give you something nice. Christmas gives us all an opportunity to share something with one another.

Chicken and lots of food

My condolences to all those beautiful birds who had to pass on to make Christmas day a beauty, as it was nothing short of a feast.


Happiness is an emotion that exudes from within and Christmas was all smiles, the joy the gathering and family and friends bring.

Friends and families

What is Christmas without this lot? I think that that’s the reason for the season; a time with friends and family. Share the hugs, the fun, the memory, the feast and the gifts.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

We are sure to see these trends again next year but until then, do have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.