YouNiVerse –Be Super!


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Source: Unsplash

Do you like movies? I mean do you really absolutely love them? Then you must be a fan of the super hero movies that have flooded our Tv screens, comic books and cartoons over the years, thanks to DC and Marvel, and now in Africa there’s Comic Republic doing amazing things. I grew up wanting to be Wolverine, I always felt having metals grow out of my fist, was cool, and having the ability to heal no matter how reckless I might have been, was insane. Although I didn’t like how unkempt the character was made to seem sometimes because I’ve always liked the dapper, prim and proper association. Thinking about it, it’s weird how I never thought to be Superman. That would have been cliché though, everyone wanted to be him. Which super hero would you have loved to be?

If you answered that question in your head, it means they got you. These characters were designed to give you something to think about by letting you know the endless possibilities the mind can attain. For example, Superman could be the Kryptonian or he could be the regular news editor every day because he put his mind to it. That’s what actually makes you super –your ability to come to terms with who you are and who you want to be. There is the masked and the unmasked versions of you. Black Panther becomes the panther when he suits up but remains Prince T’Challa when he’s unmasked.

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Source: Unsplash

When you are in touch with your super hero side you won’t fall for just anything, your character is defined, your identity is revealed and your brand is recognized.

It’s time for you to step out of the shadows and save the world with that product you make or service you render.

YouNiVerse –The You Story


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Source: Unsplash

Now I am aware that this buzzword has been the talk of many blogs and motivational speakers. They tell you how you need to control everything that comes into your universe and how that those things which actually do come were meant to be in your universe. They call it the power of attraction –you attract to you what you desire or fear the most. If you give it thought long enough then you’re certainly going to get it. Some others say that when you begin to notice a difference in the trends of your life’s happenstances then chances are that you may, at some point, have strolled out of your universe. Don’t ask me where you strolled to because they didn’t give me that information.

Although I do not have adequate contrary information to decisively critique what some people have said about You-ni-verse, I have decided to bring it to you from a slightly different perspective which at the moment is trending and you would see how as you keep reading.

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Source: Pexels

If Verse means Song, and Uni means One, and You obviously means You, then it means that you’ve only got one song to sing –one life to live, and one you to be. Live your best life yet; travel the world, kiss the most beautiful girl in the world, do something global –after all, we are citizens of the world. At the end of the day, we have all been given one platform to sing our own song, so give it your best shot.

This mindset is being adopted all around the world and entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, advertisers have equally begun to adopt the “You” philosophy. Marketing communications have evolved from product based to consumer based. They want to be a part of your life, a part of your You-Ni-Verse. They all want a line in your song, which is why products and services today are designed to make your life easier. For example, people carry their banks, taxis, utilities, and lots more around with the aid of a mobile device. Consumers walk around with flasks and water bottles because they want their favourite drinks closer. This cooks up a challenge for brands, what trend can they spot to help their brand become part of the lives of the modern day consumer?

Brands that have yet to jump on this bandwagon are lagging in moving with the times.

This article is episode one of our four part You-Ni-Verse series. If you need directions to get the best out of what you currently or intend to do, stay here.

Female President –You Can’t Stop Her


Source: Timeslive

Source: Timeslive

This most certainly has something to do with the gender equality movement around the world. Nations everywhere have begun to consciously ensure the inclusion of women in every facet of the economy and this is being experienced in politics. Countries globally, have experienced a massive shift as women have begun to reach the apex in society, for example we saw the Croatian president Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović grace the world cup 2018 finals.

And now Africa has swallowed her pride as Ethiopia joins Mauritus and Liberia in appointing a female president. Interesting how we refer to Africa as a female yet many parts of the continent wouldn’t even dare to see a woman lead let alone become president. The current Ethiopian president, who is also Ethiopia’s first female president Sahle-Work Zewde, has broken those walls and taken center stage of governance.

This trend is gradually sweeping through Africa and soon women will no longer be excluded from being whatever they choose to be.

Nigerian Music and its Latest Trends; Yay or Nay?


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Source: Unsplash

When you hear an upbeat, fast tempo song or an afro beat dance hall track with absolutely random lyrics that has little or no meaning, the first thought that comes to your mind is “oh, that’s probably a Nigerian song”. Yes, a typical Nigerian song is easy to spot because it’s usually groovy and Nigerian songs in general, have a lot of things in common and that’s why I’ve decided to take you through a joyful train ride on the latest trends in Nigerian music. Choop choop! All aboard?!

Trend 1: Create a Niche’

To be honest, any rising musician who decides to compose/release a song without having a niche or a feel of the latest trends, and what keeps people attracted to Nigerian music like the way a bee is attracted to flowers would find it hard to create a name for himself unless you can be a Johnny Drille or Nonso Amadi, who seem to be obviously distinct from the regular Nigerian artist yet people love them.

I mentioned something earlier about Nigerian music having little or no meaningful lyrics but really, that’s being too harsh, although I think we need to be frank with one another. I know we don’t really care about the lyrics of songs we vibe to we just want a song that keeps us grooving to the beat and taking us far away from serious situations of life. I always say I can’t listen to a Nigerian song when I want to sit and ponder deeply about my life because the beats would surely make me want to get up on my feet and burst some “shaku shaku” moves.

Trend 2: Commercialization

Music in Nigeria is basically for commercial purposes and Nigerian artistes understand this. They know that most Nigerians would rather choose a clubby upbeat song with random funny lyrics than an RnB or soul music filled with meaningful lyrics and sadly, this is why we have a number of underrated artistes within the country. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and persistence to push through those walls. For instance, Wizkid shouted “Soco” an awful number of times in his hit single “soco” and Burna Boy who sang “Ye ye” in his monster hit track “Ye” over a thousand times throughout their songs but we still don’t mind because we love love love the beats. Sometimes I wonder how they get their inspiration.

Trend 3: It has to be Nigerian Sound

Nigerians generally love Afrobeat, which is why artistes stick with the vibe. Another beat on the scene now is one called “Street” or as I call it “Razz”. Here we have artistes like Olamide, Lil Kesh, Reminisce, CDQ, and Slim Case making mind blowing, feet tapping music with this trend. Imagine Olamide doing a soul music, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear that too.

Trend 4: Jump on Trends

Many times I find myself listening to or singing a song about a trending topic or slang I had seen very recently on social media. It’s interesting how lines like “Big girl small girl” start to trend on social media and the next week you are vibing to a song filled with hilarious humor about the same thing.

Trend 5: What’s up with Calling the Names of Producers

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the name of a music producer before the song starts e.g Sarz on the beat, It’s Legendary beats, Master Kraft etc. I guess it also earns the producer some level of publicity but it never really used to be so. This is a trend that’s being adopted worldwide and we are welcoming it with open arms.

Refer to the first few words of the video above.

Trend 6: New Dance Moves

Last but not least, just the way you like your bread with tea or egusi with pounded yam, or cake with icing. Nigerians love their Afrobeat accompanied with new and exciting dance moves. We saw this trend from Yahoozee to Alanta to Azonto to Etighi and now to Shaku shaku and Gwara gwara. Organizing massive online and offline campaigns having people compete for the price money by bursting best dance moves. This gains nationwide attention, effectively promotes the song, helps it go instantaneously viral, puts money in the hands of people, gives party lovers something to look forward to.

Alas, I can say we have gotten to the end of this journey and you are right in the train station but before I drop you off I’d like to know what your perception about these trends are. Are they a yay or nay for you? And if you think we left any trend out, leave us a comment in the box below and be sure we’d add it.

Friyay Chill’n


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Source: Pexels

I’m so excited it’s already weekend (In Patoranking’s voice). Sincerely, I do not know anyone who doesn’t love Fridays. I mean, it heralds the best days of the week, the weekend. Some of us get free off work around this period, others take their work home and as such they do not have a weekend; for the latter group of people, this article is almost not for you but you can keep reading for the fun of it.

When Friday comes a couple of things happen other than work and they show up in two distinct groups of people; those who have some event or the other to attend and those who don’t.

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Those who have an event to attend actually started planning their weekend from the beginning of the week. “They cannot come and go and kill theirself”. The weekdays are plagued with a lot of work so the gift of the weekend is time allocated to unwind. Unwinding starts from Friday nights; when they go grab a couple of drinks with friends and then other things may follow afterwards.

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Source: Unsplash

Those who don’t have events to attend sometimes actually do but after scrutinizing waking up late the following day, traffic, expenditure and the comfort of their own home they just say to themselves “it’s not that serious”, they’d rather stay in bed. Getting this kind of people to go out is a lot of work and somewhere in here is where I find myself. As I write this article I have a wedding I have been preparing for since Monday but trust me when tomorrow comes, I’ll be in bed with a bottle of something, enjoying a movie and occasional naps. I need my rest please.

So whichever way you choose to spend your Friday nights, whether with friends or all by yourself, just make sure you are chilling. Some of us will be on a beach with a glass of wine enjoying the tan from the sun in our minds because we are going nowhere. We will just enjoy the gist of your weekend when we meet up at work on Monday.