Nigerian Advertising, Take a Look at What UK is Doing

Nigerian Advertising, Take a Look at What UK is Doing

Advertising in Nigeria seems to be holding on tight to old ways and expressions. An industry that prides itself as “Creative”, the Nigerian Marketing and Communication space has proven to be very undeserving. Rarely do commercials are here sell products in creative and brilliant ways, at least never enough to make it to the ‘Brilliant Ads” page.

But beyond a lack of creativity there also are many modern day tone deaf expressions in many Nigerian adverts. Take for example, any detergent or food (especially bouillon cube) ad, would portray the woman as the hero of the house, sweeping, cleaning, cooking and stuck in the kitchen, sometimes supported by her little daughter while the boys are left playing football outside, the men watching football or doing other “fatherly duties”

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Obaranda is Giving Life to Every Day Nigerian Moments

Obaranda is Giving Life to Every Day Nigerian Moments

One young Nigerian Illustrationist/Cartoonist, Justin Irabor is drawing Organic attention to himself through his weekly comic series on Obaranda. Heavily clothed in Humour and delivered with the most unpredictable satire, in less than one year, Justin has kept a fast growing number of his fans and followers coming back to his Obaranda yard. With characteristic bright pop colours, Justin is telling everyday relatable Nigerian stories in the most amazing way.

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Hurray! We're having a food meetup!

One of man’s oldest needs remains food. Man from the beginning has hunted animals and tilled the soil in hope of the reward of food. Feeding is as old as humanity itself. Everyone eats to survive and different people have adapted to different types of food over time and are today eating it in the most incredible yet unique way, practically forming an important part every culture.

TINK Africa, a Trends and Intelligence network in Lagos, Nigeria is bringing together a gathering of food lovers, foodies, food enthusiasts, food experts, chefs, cooks and everyone who loves to eat to discuss “The Future of Food in Africa”, with a focus on trends from the past, the present and the future; new technologies influencing food preparation, processing, packaging, ordering, delivery and lots more.

Join us this Saturday, 27TH May, 2017 as we embark on this amazing Journey.

Time: 1:00pm

Venue: 32b Ramat Crescent, Ramat Estate, Ogudu GRA

Panelist:  Ozoz Sokoh  (Food expert, Food blogger and Founder, KitchenButterfly)

Panelist: Ozoz Sokoh (Food expert, Food blogger and Founder, KitchenButterfly)

Panelist:  Tunde Badmus  (Founder/CEO Food Africana)

Panelist: Tunde Badmus (Founder/CEO Food Africana)

Panelist:  Itoro Effiong Bright  (CEO Ibom Soups, Founder Kitchen Integrity and Cook Like a Pro Workshop)

Panelist: Itoro Effiong Bright (CEO Ibom Soups, Founder Kitchen Integrity and Cook Like a Pro Workshop)

Panelist:  Fikayo Durosinmi Etti  (CMO, Neo Café Group)

Panelist: Fikayo Durosinmi Etti (CMO, Neo Café Group)

Special Highlights: Food and Drink Exhibitions | Insightful Discussions | Networking | Games

Connect with us @Tinkafrica

Further Enquires: Meme - 09026643736

Hello Pepsi, Heinekien left you a message


Photo via rockrivertimes

Photo via rockrivertimes

2016 exposed the world to a new reality, a reality that unpacked the power of the modern’s man voice. Post-Brexit UK, Post-Trump America came riding on the depth of divisions and differences.

Brands are waking up to this reality and readjusting their message to fit in. Considering the backlash Pepsi met after their tone-deaf “Live for now moments anthem”, which was considered completely inappropriate and insensitive, especially in a time like this. Consumers all around the world stood together to resist the Ad and eventually Pepsi took it down in shame. Today no brand would dare risk being caught on the other side of political correctness or should I say incorrectness.

Brands like Uber, United Airlines among others have had a taste of consumers’ wrath on the wings of social media and the internet for being politically incorrect and the audible message to brands by consumers this year is simple “Do right, stay right or go home” 

In the wake of this reality, Heineken has decided to pick of the pieces of the mess Pepsi made. In a new Ad titled “World’s Apart,” Heineken speaks clearly the political language of today in the most politically correct yet compelling way. The Ad showed people with different views on major world ideas: feminism, sexuality, climate change etc. who eventually learned how to live with one another and tolerate each other irrespective of their views.

Produced by Agency Publicis London, the one week old Ad is pushing positive conversations online for dancing to the tone of the times.

Check out the Ad below.

Yes! We love Yetunde Ogundipe’s Stop Motion Animation


Stop Motion Animation may not be much of a thing in the Nigerian media, marketing and communication space today but a young lady, Yetunde Ogundipe is doing her bit, one animation at a time to add the baby steps pushing the art ahead in Nigeria. Though the world is getting hooked on CGI and other related technologies, Stop motion animation has remained relevant till date and is yet to gain its grounds in Nigeria and Africa. 

Yetunde, a content creator, filmmaker and video producer started her creative career advertising but veered off into production. 6 years ago while on holidays, she stumbled upon the magic of Stop Motion animation and has since then settled into it as her field of specialization. With a passion for telling unique stories, she develops exciting Stop Motion Animation for brands, products, people, their and experiences.

Stop motion celebrated 116 years in video content production and the world has enjoyed this content since its "accidental discovery". Boundary-pushing films like Anomalisa and Kubo And The Two Strings are the game changers today.

Check out some of Yetunde’s exciting works below: