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 Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

When you go into your local market these days, what do you see?

If you aren’t really seeing anything, you are probably thinking of the wrong market. When I say local market I don’t necessarily mean the market in your neighborhood, I mean the market in your neighborhood that exists whenever you turn on your mobile devices.

You definitely have noticed the exponential spike in online vendors. They take to social media like it were a subway station, to sell their products. Instagram, facebook, twitter, and whatsapp have become very dynamic local markets as you can get everything you want at the type of a simple text.

 Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

Now back to my question, when you go into your local market you are sure to see one thing – authenticity. We know there are a lot of shady things that happen online; however, vendors have learned the art of cultivating a unique message to sell their brands, that way they get to cut through the plethora of communication going out on a daily basis.

All over Africa, men and women have joined the trend in creating original and authentic messages, the products may not be as authentic but the messages sure enough are.

The Older the Better


 Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

You know the saying, “the older the wine, the better it gets”? This is seemingly becoming a mantra across Africa because we are beginning to see young men aim for the better tasting wine, I mean, who doesn’t want the best things in life, but with the African culture we aren’t totally certain if this trend is permissible but it’s happening anyway.

At the moment, younger men are fancying the possibility of dating older women. This used to be a trend we only saw in European countries or the Americas, for example French President Macron and his Wife Gritte who is 24 years older than him, Nick Canon and Mariah Carey who is 10 years older than him, and the list goes on. One example we learned of was in Nigeria, Ojukwu and Bianca but Ojukwu (the man) was a lot of years older than his wife – meaning that Africans don’t really believe that the woman should be older.

 Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

However, Africans are fancying the option and these are the possible reasons why:

1. Times are hard: Older women have already gone through life and have gotten somethings fir themselves, so the man could just get intimate with her and have everything made –this in my opinion is the cowardly, lazy option.

2. She’s more focused and independent: older women have proven to be more focused as they know what they want and aren’t dependent on the male counterpart.

3. Minimal troubles: men generally believe that younger women are problematic due to inexperience.

4. Comfortable with sexuality: older women are more comfortable with their sexuality as they already know what works for them and what doesn’t.

5. Symbiotic relationship: it is believed that older women offer a symbiotic relationship as they can bring more to the table in terms of experience, guidance, finances etc. which isn’t always the case with the younger ladies.

 Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

The reason we weren’t able to highlight an African example earlier is because they never took it to the marriage level, but with the intensity observed, this trend is poised to walk many younger men and older women down the aisle in Africa pretty soon.

Alter Native


 Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

I’m a lover of music - African music.

Music is certainly a powerful tool as it can start trends and end them, it can reveal a new pop-culture icon every time a new hit single is released, promote a brand, influence a market, start a culture, transform a mindset and so many more. The power of music in my opinion is unparalleled in driving a message deep into the minds of the audience. So wield it power wisely.

Also there’s quite a number of African artist who are blessed with the ability to wield this unique ability in a very unique way and are pulling major stunts across the globe, a number of them are from the most populous African nation, Nigeria. We can’t really talk about the entertainment industry without mention what our brothers in Nigeria are doing.

However, this article isn’t about the entire music industry but about the new school musician popularly known as the Alternative Musicians. Right now, this trend is blowing up all around Africa as people do not really want to listen to the traditional style of music, the want to hear something different, something unique, something beyond the ordinary. A couple of musicians fall into this alternative music category and they are doing so well, they include but are certainly not limited to Odunsi the engine, Santi, Amarae, Wavy the Creator, Chyn, Nonso Amadi, Funbi, Temsbaby, Ric Hassani, Johnny Drille, Terry Akpala, and so many others.

This certainly gives us a glimpse into the future as it tells us that for you to win in this competitive market, you must be authentic, original, innovative, and unique.


Fun, Noise and Silence


If you are yet to go to a silent disco anywhere in the world, you are certainly missing out on a huge dose of fun. I went one a few nights ago and it was downright lit and then I paused to take a call because my phone was ringing in my pocket. For the first time in my life I could take a call in a club that’s supposedly noisy. When I looked up to see everyone else I started laughing pretty hard because everyone seemed to be misbehaving as they were lost in their own world doing their own thing.

 Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

With the use of these special headsets you can turn any place to a party and you won’t have the police knocking on your door for disturbing the neighborhood.

The silent disco trend is steadily growing across Africa as people love the idea of being in a noisy quiet place. Also, it is a glimpse of the future of marketing – every customer wants to feel like it’s only them in the world that the marketers care about. Streamlining products and services (tailor made) to fit the lifestyle of the target consumer is the new task upon the shoulders of every marketer right now.

Plus this is December –the end of the ear where there’s usually a ton of event to be at, give yourself a treat, go to a silent disco and scream.

 Source: BellaNaija

Source: BellaNaija

Sense in Senselessness


This trend is really blowing up social media in Nigeria and everyone is totally going berserk about it.

It’s supposed to be some sort of motivational speech but in the end you are left perplexed because you would realize that you’ve wasted one minute of Instagram video viewing time listening to something that makes no sense. The best part is, the videos all end with “Think About It”. For those of you who would eventually attempt to think about it, you will just be hurting your precious mind. So accept my sincere sympathy in advance.

This video trend started out with a series of viral videos released by one of Nigeria’s finest comedians and influencer marketer, Josh2Funny and as expected, the nation has jumped on the bandwagon.

Everyone needs some excitement every now and then. Ever more certainly, something is going to trend sooner than later, but what you do with that trend is directly proportional to what you are not doing with this article. For to see without looking is not looking and seeing – “Think About It”.

If you understand those last two sentences you just did what I initially told you not to do, you thought about it.